About Henry

Who am I? First and foremost, I am a proud son of Vietnamese immigrants, I am a patriot and a proud Vietnamese American, a former Civil Engineer, a dream chaser, and a conqueror of my own passion that is wedding photography.

How it all started.  Like most people, photography started out for me as a hobby. This hobby then quickly turned into a passion when I realize how big of an impact photography can make to a person’s life. One day at lunch, a friend asked “I don’t get it, if engineering isn’t your passion, why are you still doing it?” From that point on, I worked as hard as I could to finally quit engineering and pursue photography as a career.

Education.  I never got a proper education in photography.  What I do have, though is a passion that turned into an obsession.  I owe it to the YouTube community for my photography education.  I remember nights where I would fall asleep watching photography tutorials.  Like most things in life, a classroom environment will only take you so far; real life practice and repetition go much further.

Aspirations.  I aspire to be the best that I can be in all that I do.  I also aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, to learn, to travel, and to create lasting memories, and to leave the world better than it was handed to me.  If I could do all of those things in this life time, then it would be a dream come true.

Henry’s Secret: I am secretly practicing dancing to “Billy Jean” so that I can take over the dance floor at every wedding.