Wedding Photography

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Wedding planning is tough! We will walk you through what typically happens at a wedding. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

1. Details - we typically will arrive an hour before you put on your wedding dress. This extra time is used to focus on taking photographs of your details such as wedding dress, rings, shoes, invitation cards, etc. It always helps to have the engagement ring and the wedding bands with the bride.

2. Preparation - a big part of the wedding day is the bridal preparation, a moment when the bride and her bridesmaids get their hair done and make up put on. Often times this is a great opportunity to capture emotional candid moments. We recommend that the bridal party keeps this area as clutter free as possible. For optimal lighting, request your make up artist to make station next to a window or a big sliding door before hand because once they make station, they will not be able to move.

3. First Look - instead of seeing the bride in her wedding gown for the first time as she’s walking down the aisle during the ceremony, couples are opting to have the first look before the ceremony. The benefits are that the moment is intimate, there will be no guests blocking the groom’s view with iPads, and it allows for couple portraits right after instead of after the ceremony.

4. Ceremony - some important moments to capture during the ceremony are when the bridal party walk down the aisle, the groom’s reaction seeing his bride for the first time, the hand over of the bride from her father to her groom, the first kiss, and the reactions of loved ones as witness the wedding ceremony.

5. Portraits - the portraits sessions take place after the ceremony typically. Family portraits, then wedding party portraits, then groom and bride portraits last. We save the couple portraits for last to benefit from the beautiful Florida sunset.

6. Reception Entrance - it’s time to make your exciting reception entrance! This is your moment. This is your party! Everyone at this event is here to celebrate your wedding day! Most reception halls will dim their lights during the entrance, so to do this right, we set off-camera flashes in the corners of the room, resulting in photos that are 3 dimensional.

7. First Dance - your first dance together as a married couple should be special. Most photographers will bounce flash up toward the ceiling and thereby, wash out the beautiful ambient up-lighting that you had paid so much for. Our team use off-camera flash whenever possible to both give you dimension and maintain that ambient lighting.

8. Speeches/Toasts - often time, the funnier segment of the day, the toasts is where the best man would roast the groom while the maid of honor would reminisce about fond memories with the bride.

9. Performance and Dancing - perhaps our favorite part of the wedding day. We love to capture everyone acting silly and dancing on the dance floor!

10. Sparkler Exit - an exciting way to end the night!


Our wedding photography packages range from $1,800 to $3,500 depending on the duration of the coverage required. No two weddings are the same so please contact us for a personalized quote! Just answer some questions about your wedding day and hit SEND!