Wedding Cinematography

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Wedding cinematography hasn’t always been popular, but that has changed in the last couple of years. The innovation of technology has allowed for bigger shoulder mounted cameras to be small and portable. Gimbals and sliders that used to be only accessible to Hollywood filmmakers are now easily obtainable by the wedding professionals. With that said, we fully take advantage of the technology to bring you a cinematic spin to your wedding film that will make your parents want to re-do their wedding again.

If “a photo is worth a thousand words”, then what does that make a video? You didn’t practice your first dance for a month to only get a handful of photos and your best man and maid of honor didn’t prepare their amazingly heartfelt speeches to be captured only by photos. Below is the break down of our wedding cinematography process.

1. Details - we typically will arrive 2 hours prior to you putting on your dress. We will spend the first 30—45 minutes doing details shots such as your dress, shoes, rings, etc.

2. Preparation - after you have acclimated to our presence, we will begin discretely covering your interactions and your wedding process, we try to get as much candid and fun shots as possible.

3. Champagne - this is the perfect way to add some excitement to your morning. Nothing can quite compare to the bridesmaids screaming as the bottle of champagne explodes.

4. First Look - the first look offers an intimate segment of the day where your groom will see you in your dress for the first time. We typically would mic the groom during this segment since his reaction and what he says are usually priceless.

5. Ceremony - we run at least 3 cameras at every wedding ceremony. One camera on the groom to catch his reactions as his bride walks down the aisle, one camera on the bride to catch her reactions as her groom recites his vows, and one more camera straight down the aisle to catch your first kiss.

6. Portrait - this segment of the day is the most important to us cinematographers, as it is the only segment of the day where we can spread our creative legs to get cinematic and romantic footage.

7. Reception Entrance - most wedding cinematography studios don’t do this, but we capture all the excitement of you walking onto the dance floor as you are being announced for the first time as Mr and Mrs.

8. First Dance - we pride ourselves with being able to capture the first dance in the most flattering way. You didn’t practice your first dance to just have a camera on a tripod pointing at you. We use state of the art gimbals and supplemental lighting to capture the raw excitement of your dances.

9. Speeches/Toasts - most studios will put one camera on the dance floor with a wide enough view to show the groom and bride and the person giving toasts and call it a day. We dedicate one camera on the couple and another camera on the toast giver and if a 2nd videographer is available, we will capture guests reactions. When these 3 video feeds are played back together, you can truly relive the moment.

10. Dancing - what is better at catching excitement of a party than a camera on a gimbal? NOTHING! Some studios shy away from using gimbals, but we cannot live without ours as we think tripod/static shots are just way too boring!

11. Sparkler Exit - Once everyone is lined up with lit sparklers in their hands, we will follow you from the front as you run down the aisle and pausing at one point to kiss and perhaps dip. There’s no better way to end your night!

We hope that we had shed some light on what to expect out of your wedding cinematography. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Our wedding cinematography packages range from $1,600 to $3,000 depending on the duration of the coverage required. No two weddings are the same so please contact us for a personalized quote! Just answer some questions about your wedding day and hit SEND!

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