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Matt and Megan

What happens when you mix a beautiful Irish/Vietnamese woman with a handsome US Marine?  You get an amazing couple that is Megan and Matt!  We took the couple to downtown Tampa on Labor Day because we wanted to take advantage of the urban setting and the lack of crowds on a holiday.  


Ao Dai

You can see that even though Megan isn't full Vietnamese, she still honors the Vietnamese culture by wearing her traditional Vietnamese dress to the photoshoot.  The dress is called Ao Dai in Vietnamese, which means long dress.  The dress's design was dated back to the 18th century and was commonly worn among aristocrats.  Then, in the 1920's, the dress was modernized with heavy influence from the Paris fashion trends, and thus looks like what it does today.  Before the Vietnam War ended, many Vietnamese women would wear the Ao Dai to office jobs and everyday outings.  With the continuing influence of western cultures, the Ao Dai has lost much of its popularity and will only be worn on very special occasions such as weddings.

Megan's make up was done by Kate Supakan, please check her out on Instgram:  https://www.instagram.com/katesglamour/