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Darrian and Gabby's Flashmob Proposal Film

Our first flash mob marriage proposal filming and hopefully it won't be our last because these are just so fun to do.

We arrived at the Sundial in St. Petersburg 45 minutes early to meet with the coordinator and the dancers.  We then got a last minute permit to film at the Sundial thanks to an awesome friend. Right at 7pm, the couple arrived and that was when the fun began. To not give any clues that this was all planned for Gabby, we were very careful to not be in close proximity and to not point our cameras directly at her, which created a bit of a challenge. But with careful planning, our team secured the surprise until Darrian pulled Gabby into the middle of the dancers' circle and proposed to her! This was such a great experience.

Coordinator: Big Hit Events
Videography: Henry M Production (Henry M Nguyen, Timberland Pham)