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Victor and Lisa

We received an inquiry from Lisa and called her immediately to discuss our services and pricing in details.  Fifteen minutes later, I don't know how we went from talking about her wedding to talking about me.  Lisa has a spiritual, nurturing, and compassionate demeanor to her.  We made plans to meet up for coffee where she promised to give me a palm reading.  My first impressions of the couple were that my gosh Victor is tall and that Lisa has a calm and peaceful smile that never faded as long as Victor is next to her.  We talked about Marvel and DC Comics and how she wanted to have a superhero themed wedding.  I was very excited since it would be my first superhero themed ANYTHING!  As for my palm reading, it was incredibly accurate, but that information is too personal to reveal here :P  We met with Victor and Lisa again a couple of weeks later for their Bohemian themed engagement shoot at the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo, FL.