Our Wedding Blogs

Paul and Huong


Photography: Henry M Production (Henry M Nguyen, Geoff Nguyen)
DJ Services: Phamtastic Production
Makeup: Loan Truong

For Paul and Huong's prewedding session we went to the Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  It was sprinkling as we were setting up for our first location.  Though it did end up raining and cutting our session short, the rain brought with it some interesting cloud patterns that we ended up loving very much.


The shoot ended with us running for cover from the rain.  As I put my gear down, I noticed an incredible moment when the couple was leisurely walking towards the shelter, all the while smiling.

Wedding Day - Tea Ceremony

The Vietnamese weddings always start with the tea ceremony to pay respect to the groom and bride's ancestors.


Time was running out so we did a quick portraits session right after the tea ceremony in front of their beauty home.




Party Time!!!