Wedding Tips

Raise Your Chance of Getting Amazing Photos While Walking Down the Aisle!

You wouldn't think that anybody would need tips on how to walk down the aisle; but of all the weddings that we have shot, you would be surprise to know that many are not doing it right!  Below are a few tips!

1.  Walk at a Leisurely Pace.
Often times, bridesmaids/groomsmen don't want to be in the spot light and thus, walk quickly down the aisle.  I completely understand this, I am too an introvert, and do not like being at the center of attention.  However, walking quickly causes awkward posturing as well as giving the photographer/cinematographer very little chances to capture your beautiful faces.  Walk at a leisurely pace and enjoy the moment, this will make for a more natural movement.


2.  Look Up and Smile!
Instinctively we want to watch where we're walking and not trip over anything while everyone is watching, but you must look up and smile once in a while so that the photographer has a chance to capture your beautiful faces!  If you're walking with a partner down the aisle, make sure to coordinate with your partner in advance so that you both look up and smile at the same time!  You're also encouraged to look at each other!


3.  Windy Days Ruin Photos!
If the ceremony is being held outdoors and it happens to be windy that day, then tie your hair up so that there is zero chance the hair will cover your face as you walk down the aisle.  In the event that the hair gets in your face, simply fix your hair before continuing down the aisle; it takes 3 seconds to fix your hair but your photos will be fabulous for eternity!

4.  BONUS TIP!  Get Festive at the End of the Ceremony!
When the ceremony is over and you're walking down the aisle in the opposite direction, get festive, put your bouquets and hands in the air for amazing photo opps!  Having your guests throw rice could also add value to your photos; however, if the ceremony is indoor, make sure that your venue will not charge a clean up fee for tossing rose petals or rice.