Wedding Tips

How to Plan for an Amazing First Dance!

Spice up your wedding by choreographing and practicing for your First Dance!  It doesn't have to be a "Dancing with the Stars" episode.  YouTube is such an amazing resource these days to learn how to do literally anything.  Research how you would like your first dance to look like and practice 5 minutes a day, everyday, a month leading up to your wedding day and you could spice up your First Dance!  To be honest with you, the First Dance is what I am most excited about and look forward to the most on the wedding day; because a good First Dance could add so much value to your photos and video's final product.  Below are some tips to get great photos and video during your First Dance.


1.  Don't Talk During Your First Dance
Our lips move when we talk and when caught at the wrong moment, it usually does not make us look very flattering.  Have small talks, make each other laugh and smile, but keep talking to a minimum.

2.  Dance Right in the Middle of the Dance Floor
More often than not, couples would dance off center of the Dance Floor.  Doing this will limit the angles of your photographer and videographer.  We like to move around you to capture many different angles during your First Dance, being too close to your Sweetheart Table could limit our movements.

3.  Twirls and Dips!
If choreographing your First Dance isn't your thing, then the next easiest thing to do is to include some twirls to your routine and ending it with a dip!  I can't tell you how much more value it'll add to your photos and video!

4.  Start from Opposite Sides!
Start your First Dance by walking towards each other from the opposite sides of the dance floor.  What is more romantic, dramatic, and cinematic than walking towards each other slowly, all the while staring into each other's eyes, then finally locking each other's hands to dance an amazing dance that you had practiced for?

5.  Don't Cut the Dance Short!
Make sure that your First Dance lasts for at least 3 minutes.  The longer your first dance, the more opportunities the photographers and videographers get to capture this magical moment.  Remember, this is your day, you've planned it for months and months in advance, enjoy this moment!