Wedding Tips

How to Prepare for an Engagement Photoshoot

An engagement photoshoot is not something that all couples get as part of their wedding photography packages; as some studio will charge extra for it.  Our studio include an engagement photoshoot with every package that you book because it gives me an opportunity to meet and get to know my couples so that we could go past that clients and photographer relationship once we do meet again on THE big day.  So how should you dress for one of these things?  

1.  Choose formal over casual.  Well, at the very least, semi formal.
These photos are meant to last a lifetime, so you do want to put in a little effort.  These photos will most likely be printed out to be displayed at your wedding and thus we want you to not only look your best, but also dress your best!  If your photographer allows 2 outfits then you could have one formal and one casual, the best of both worlds!


2.  Wear clothes that fits you best.
This is meant more for the guys; the ladies seem to always have their fitment just right.  Loose or baggy clothing, especially formal attire, makes one look sloppy and not well put together.  While most suites are not designed to fit everyone, you could spend around $50 at a local tailor to make the pants and jacket fit better.  Men, if you're going to button your jacket up, button only the top button.

3.  Choose solid colors over patterns.
Busy patterns will make your photos distracting.  Photographers try very hard to have you, the subjects stand out by using light, bokeh, and composition; by having a flannel patterned top or something similar could work against us.  


4.  Control oily skin!
Oily skin will show up as shiny blotches on cheeks and foreheads.  Men, one way to control oily skin is to use moisturizers made specifically to minimize oil on skin.  Another trick is to use toilet seat liner; those papers are fabulous for absorbing oil.  I don't usually have problems with female subjects having oily skin since most of the time, the make up would fix that; but do keep in mind to avoid shiny make up.

5.  Classic style.
Trends will come and go, but the classic styles will stay, well..."classic" through the test of time.  Button up dressed shirts for guys and a dress for the ladies are examples of timelessness.  If you have a favorite watch, necklace, or sentimental jewelry items, then wear it; however, do keep accessorizing to the minimal.


6.  Wear a smile!
I always build a rapport with my clients by asking them how their day went, how they met, how did he proposal, whats for dinner, etc to loosen up any tension that they might have before the shoot; most people don't get in front of the camera very often so it is important to make them feel comfortable.  If your photographer isn't the talkative type, you could take the initiative and start some small talks with him/her, knowing more about each other will definitely loosen that tension.  Besides wearing your beautiful smiles, remember to HAVE FUN!