Wedding Tips

FIRST LOOK - Should you have one?

The First Look is when the Groom, with building emotions, gets to see his bride in her beautiful wedding gown for the very first time. The First Look is something we photographers always discuss with our clients. We would weigh the pros and cons to see if it fits them or not, it definitely isn’t for everyone. Let’s go over the PRO’s and CON’s of having a First Look.

Tradition - If you’re a traditional bride then having a First Look segment on your wedding day might be conflicting. That special feeling you have when your groom is on the other side of the aisle waiting to see you for the first time is somewhat dampened.
Cost - Since you are adding around another hour to your wedding photography contract for the First Look segment, you will have to pay a little more. However, as will be mentioned in the PRO’s section, this con can possibly be negated by having more moments and more photos being delivered in the end.

Emotions - For Grooms who are more private with their emotions, the First Look will give these Grooms a chance to express their feelings more privately; and since the First Look takes place somewhere quiet and private, the groom could take his time to absorb his bride in her beautiful wedding dress in all of their glory. For cinematography, we usually mic our grooms, so not only are the visible reactions are being eternal-ized but the audible reactions as well.
Time - If the couple decides to have the First Look, they would be able to knock out their portraits session right after and not have to wait until after the ceremony. Typically after the ceremony, family, wedding party, and the couple’s portraits ensue, which leads to very minimal time spent at your own cocktail party. However, some brides do like to save the big reveal for their wedding reception entrance. If joining your family and friends at the cocktail hour who you might not have seen in years is a worthwhile trade off of your reveal, then it might be something to consider!
More Moments - Having this extra segment in the day means more moments and memories to be captured. Also, as mentioned above, when having a First Look, more time is rationed towards your couple portraits session. Having this extra time could mean more photos and make your day less of a rush and more enjoyable.

As you should know by now, we have a slight bias towards our couples doing the First Look; we strongly suggest that you consider it with your significant other! Regardless of what you decide, we are bound to have an amazing time!