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Nikon D850 First Images

Welp, Nikon has finally done it; they have caught up to and arguably surpassed other camera manufacturers with the introduction of their new and jeweled camera, the D850.  The D850 claims to be the jack of all trades, boasting strengths of portraits, weddings, sports, and landscape.  Being back-ordered for 6 to 8 weeks and possibly even longer for people who had waited too long to order theirs, I am very lucky to have one of my own at this moment.

Having owned a D800, the D850 felt very much at home with the exception of some improvements such as dedicated ISO button, higher resolution and touch LCD screen, and more focus points to name a few.  My lens of choice was a Nikkor 200mm f/2.  Unlike the D800, the D850 was able to fully utilize all of its focus points instead of being limited to the most sensitive center focus point like the D800, which means I did not have to focus and recompose.

Though, much testing still needs to be done, I am quite happy with the D850.  Stay tuned for more testing of this camera at weddings, sporting events, and landscape.